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"Roxanna was extremely personable and her knowledge of real estate and marketing was very impressive. She took time to guide me through the transaction process explaining every detail. I was most impressed by her integrity. She will be my real estate agent for life."

-Jerrywhisner, Zillow User

"As I live in Louisiana and was searching for property in West Virginia, I needed an agent who was resourceful, responsive, and willing to go the extra mile. After several less than satisfactory dealings with previous agents, I found Roxanna, and she found my property. She was professional and very understanding of my particular situation. I am extremely
happy with my land purchase experience and would recommend Roxanna highly."

-rbp5, Zillow User

"When we moved back to West Virginia and were looking for a home, Roxanna was recommended to us by a family member she had recently sold a house for. She went above and beyond to help us find the perfect home for our needs. We told her what we were looking for, and she would consistently tell us about different listings she thought we might
be interested in. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the surrounding real estate, and would tell us important information about different properties, especially ones that she would show to us. She answered any questions or concerns we had, and you can
bet if she didn't have an answer, she would be finding out that day. Roxanna was polite, respectful, and extremely professional throughout the entire home buying process, even when we were particular or hard to deal with at times. It would be hard to find an agent that would do a better job, and we would recommend her to anyone looking for property in the surrounding area."

-Jwhinslow10, Zillow User

Modern Bathroom
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